Meet Jeff and Anne, the Adventure Travel Bloggers behind What Doesn’t Suck?

We are Jeff and Anne, a half American, half French married couple who create exciting adventure travel videos to help you get out and see the world!

We love filming ourselves whenever we travel and creating unique adventure travel video guides to help you plan your next trip - so make sure you follow our channel! We met in Dubai but are currently traveling the world full-time, and continue to publish the best no nonsense travel tips, articles, video reviews and adventure travel video guides. Combined we've traveled to 93+ countries and have lived in places like Chile, the USA, France, India, Holland, South Africa and Thailand.

Follow our adventures and daily silliness on Youtube or add us on Instagram and SnapChat @WhatDoesntSuck. We would love to get to know you as well, so send us a message, ask any questions you may have (use#AskWDS on Twitter) or shoot us an email anytime at hello@whatdoesntsuck.com


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